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Whole-Person Care Coordination

imPowr Care Coordination

Manage your clients' status and progress through a comprehensive electronic social record that enables engagement from everyone who supports them.


Increase access and capacity to provide better service by identifying specific client needs via assessments and replicate success of high-performing programs.

Generate more grant and reimbursement revenue by being able "tell your story" with real-world evidence and data.

Client Management imPowr helps you capture, manage, and analyze a comprehensive, person-centered social profile that includes key information on:


  • Medical and health history

  • Education and training history

  • Employment history

  • Individual and household income history

  • Housing and residential history

  • Immigration & citizenship history

  • Judicial and incarceration history

  • Armed Services history

  • Much more

Referrals Use imPowr to create referrals to any needed service, whether  internal or external referrals. Find community resources  and connect with programs for any need. Optionally integrate with 3rd party referral management tools.

Client Support System Engagement Identify and track the entire client support system, including not only family members but all people that have an impact on the client's ability to successfully achieve desired results. Leverage that network to provide the best possible experience and best possible outcome for the client

Assessments and Outcomes Configure and adapt a library of built in assessment tools or create your own. Start to build a record of evidence of impact that you can leverage for negotiating reimbursement rates and creating compelling grant applications.

Client and Partner Portals Enable customized, HIPAA compliant access for authorized affiliates who interact with your organization.