imPowr is a complete Enterprise solution & Electronic Social Record (ESR)

We can help you tackle the many dimensions of serving complex at-risk & vulnerable populations

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for The Arc, for CA, for Health & Human Services, for Cultural Communities, and more!

Facilitates Whole Person Care

  • 360 degree case management

  • Integrates with existing information systems

  • Integrated, Active Referral Management

  • Goals management, assessments, and outcome reporting

  • Optimized workflows for job programs, immigrants, education and schools, family services, substance abuse, housing, much more!

Optimizes Agency Business Operations

  • Staff credentialing and learning management

  • Contractors and volunteers

  • Donors and community events

  • Facilities, vehicles, and infrastructure

  • Workforce development & entrepreneurial businesses

  • Memberships

  • Vendor management, partnerships, and MOAs

  • Quality & project management tools

  • Document management

Enhances Agency Financial Management

  • Financial event tracking

  • Grants and Contracts management

  • Partnerships and partner agreements

  • Cost analysis and reporting

  • Foundations and fund management

Supports Fiscal & Regulatory Compliance

  • Financial and case auditing

  • Incident management (from reporting through investigation and follow-up)

  • Incident and compliance review committees

  • Board and Board Committee management

  • Organization governance

Health & Safety

  • The tools for active COVID response management

  • Staff, visitor, and client health and safety