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Substance Abuse Disorder Treatment

imPowr Substance Abuse Disorder Treatment

Scientific research and practical experience proves that addiction is a complex but treatable disorder. Effective treatment addresses all of the patient’s needs. The need to coordinate multiple dimensions of life management is what makes substance abuse treatment so difficult and makes the need for imPowr so great. 

imPowr can support your substance abuse programs with the tools, workflows, and documentation needed to assess, treat, and manage clients from start through long term stability.

Family Addiction Education imPowr's family management, educational and communication tools can help your agency engage with, educate, and coach family members on how to best care for their loved one and support them through the recovery process.

Substance Abuse Helpline imPowr's fully integrated Helpline  system will help your organization be there when the need is there - and do it in a way where interaction is fully tracked, audited and available for analysis and follow-up.

Treatment Plans & Assessments Treatment plan management tools built into imPowr help your team manage service authorizations and outcome measurements to make sure you get paid for the work you do.

Family & Victim Legal Services imPowr can streamline interactions with the judicial system by helping your case managers coordinate legal services.

Bereavement & Support Groups imPowr group management tools help you coordinate support groups for clients and specialized groups for family members that need it.

Speakers Groups & Community Outreach No need for third party systems, imPowr's built in event management tools help you coordinate fundraisers, seminars, and public events of all kinds.

Donor Management & Development imPowr's integrated mailing lists, marketing campaign and donor management tools support your fund raising efforts.


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