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Residential Home Support Tools

imPowr Residential Home Support Tools

imPowr can fill in the gaps of residential home management that are either not covered at all, or not covered well, by your Residence Home management system. 

Resident Personal Possession Inventory imPowr includes a built-in resident personal property inventory tracking system with options for damage reporting, estimated value, item details and even optional photos.

Resident Banking and Financial Management Financial summaries and transactional ledgers are available for any kind of House or personal account, including bank accounts, petty cash funds, gift cards, allowances and more. All options are quick, easy-to-use and fully audited and reportable.

Family Reporting of Finances For the times when families request summary reports, imPowr's Resident Financial tools make reporting a snap, with detailed account statements and summaries.

Quality of Life Assessments Tracking ADLs in a residential management system provides clinical data,but is the client happy, safe, and comfortable? imPowr assessment tools can help agencies find out and inform physical, process, and people initiatives to improve quality and satisfaction.

Annual Quality Surveys imPowr's built-in survey creation, collection, and analysis tools are a great fit for annual and other periodic quality surveys. An added benefit: they can be multilingual.

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