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imPowr addresses the unique language and cultural challenges faced by Cultural Communities  

"Cultural Communities" are the agencies that provide bilingual and bicultural support to ensure that individuals and families have a safe, sustainable, and fulfilling quality of life.

Continual Care is committed to helping those agencies that serve those in need, through comprehensive solutions and tools that make service delivery efficient and evidence based.


for Cultural Communities

imPowr supports immigrant, refugee, and multi-lingual needs for client enrollment, record keeping, and program participation.

Whole Person Case Management

  • Multilingual intake and portal access

  • Multilingual survey and assessment tools

  • 360 degree case management

  • Direct integration with school systems and counselors

  • Family and individual level supports

Family Focus

  • Unique tracking of families and personal relationships

  • Leverages the power of a caring community

Elder Care Tools

  • Meal and dietary restriction tracking

  • IDs and attendance tools

  • Family outreach and communications

Youth, School & Educational Tools

  • Portal for school counselors

  • Coordination of agency services based on school grades, attendance, and test scores

  • Family engagement and communication tools

Optimizes Agency Business Operations

  • Cultural community event management

  • Donors, Community Engagement, Volunteers

  • Facilities, Vehicles, and Infrastructure

  • Integrated workforce development & supportive housing

  • Multilingual Board communication

Enhances Agency Financial Management

  • Financial event tracking

  • Grant & contract management

  • Cost analysis and reporting


"I am beyond pleased with the service provided thus far. The database is very easy to use and the team has been phenomenal at tailoring the system to meet our needs!"

Glory Harris
Director at Ibero-American Action League

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Gain a 360° view of those you serve.

Identify specific client needs with our assessment tools and collect essential data to provide strategic-driven information so that your organization can expand key programs with the most impact.


Having a holistic view of clients removes duplicated efforts and fragmented client insights, giving opportunities to provide optimal service through outcomes collection. 


Engage with a broader community

Cultural differences and language can be huge barriers to community engagement. imPowr's multilingual forms and intake workflows make multi-lingual engagement more realistic and easier to achieve.

Create stronger grant proposals

Data-driven evidence is critical to being successful in today’s competitive grant funding environment. Data will be a competitive advantage when pursuing enhanced reimbursement and other funding sources.

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