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Dealing with COVID Impacts

COVID has changed patterns of volunteerism & philanthropic giving

The pandemic has shifted giving and volunteerism patterns, with most non-profits experiencing significant impacts:


"Continual Care Solutions was essential to getting our school open safely for all students and staff... The program is user friendly and it is an efficient way to collect data... Without Continual Care Solutions, reopening person-to-person instruction would have been extremely difficult ..."

Keith Miller

Assistant Principal and Covid-19 Compliance Officer at Bishop Kearney


Source: Artemis Strategy Group, an independent research firm, who conducted a research study on behalf of Fidelity Charitable about the effect of COVID-19 on giving and volunteering behavior. 1,842 adults in the U.S. who donated at least $1,000 to charity in 2019.

imPowr Tools can help your agency recover volunteer and donor support

Daily Wellness Tracking for Staff and Volunteers  

imPowr's configurable wellness checks and automated alerts make tracking staff and volunteer wellness easy and reliable.

Donor Management Tools 

imPowr's integrated donor management module can help you track who donated and for what. Reporting tools can help you identify which groups to solicit and the area in which they have the most interest.

Volunteer Management Tools

imPowr volunteer management allows you to create event specific or open ended volunteer opportunities, track who has signed up and when. and perform any needed background checks. The built-in learning management system can help you assure that your volunteers are trained, and hour trackers can be a great source of input for awards and certificates - all available right within the system.

Volunteer Portal

When volunteer positions become available, promote them through the imPowr volunteer portal where interested community members can get more details and signup. Optional screening tools give you control over who signs up for what.

Integrated Mailing List Management and Integrated Call Center

When it is time to connect with people directly, leverage imPowr mailing lists and call canter to reach out. Built in tools help you semi-automate the process with email templates and call scripts, and opt-in and opt-out tools help you respect the wishes of call and email recipients.