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Built-in tools for Community Action and other CSBG funded agencies


for Community Action & CSBG-Funded Agencies

imPowr is the ideal database for Community Action: easy to use, comprehensive, effectively manages families, and highly adaptable to handle the wide range of programs that Community Action offers. Built in CSBG coding makes tracking and reporting even easier!

imPowr has the tools that Community Action needs to not only deliver services, but to track it in detail, manage family relationships and avoid duplication, and very importantly: to efficiently assess and report on impact.

Learn more about two of our partners that work with Community Action.

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Whole Person Case Management

Identify specific client needs with our assessment tools and collect essential data to provide strategic-driven information so that your organization can expand key programs with the most impact.


Having a holistic view of clients removes duplicated efforts and fragmented client insights, giving opportunities to provide optimal service through outcomes collection. 

  • 360 degree case management

  • Imports and cleans up data from a variety of legacy CA applications

  • Assessment and outcome reporting

  • Follow-up and engagement tools

  • Individual & family service coordination

  • Education and occupational training

  • Supportive and emergency housing

  • Emergency funding


Tools for Assessments

  • Configurable assessment tools - make it easy for you to track outcomes related to self-sufficiency, vocational readiness.

  • Easily configured to meet the latest ROMA best practices.

Tools for Reporting

  • Built in libraries of metrics and services that can be mapped to CSBG coding and adapted to your specific reporting and tracking requirements.

Tools for Community Action Angels

  • Food cupboard, furniture and supply inventory trackers

  • Service tracking

  • "Grant" and bill payment tracking


"The team has quickly taken to it and the assessment tools help us to better establish evidence-based programming." 

Rosemary Shader

Executive Director, Community Action for Wyoming County

Young Businesspeople

Optimizes Agency Business Operations

  • Donors, community engagement, volunteers

  • Facilities, vehicles, and infrastructure

  • Business and employment partner management

Enhances Agency Financial Management

  • Financial event tracking

  • Grant & contract management

  • Cost analysis and reporting

Engage with a Broader Community

Educational disparities, lack of access to transportation, rural distances and urban poverty all present as barriers to community engagement. imPowr's communication and follow-up tools and automated reminders and alerts make multi-lingual engagement more realistic and easier to achieve.

Create Stronger Grant Proposals

Data-driven evidence is critical to being successful in today’s competitive grant funding environment. Data will be a competitive advantage when pursuing enhanced reimbursement and other funding sources.

Working from Home

Learn more about what the imPowr platform can do for you.