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Agency Business Operations

imPowr Agency Business Operations

Behind the scenes of every successful organization is a foundation of infrastructure, residences and buildings, IT, security, housing and storage facilities, equipment, repairs, inspections, vehicles and more.

These foundational supports impact programming, scheduling, participant safety and access: the reason why it is important to maintain communication, access and visibility in a tightly integrated way using a system like imPowr.

Equipment Management imPowr equipment management allows you to track devices, phones, computers, and more. Optional attributes help you get details on what you have, how it is being used, and financial aspects such as depreciated value that you can roll up into financial reports.

Vehicle & Asset Management imPowr Vehicle and asset management helps you track what you have operationally and financially, as well as associated work orders, maintenance, contracts, and utilization logs.

Facility Management Agencies with multiple facilities and housing units can leverage imPowr's comprehensive facility and attribute tracking. Fully integrated with incident management and work order tracking - facilities become a fully integrated part of the enterprise.

Work orders and "ticketing" Easy to use portals for quick entry, linking to devices and assets, and scheduling, alerting, and tracking, combine to give imPowr a strong ability to track and manage service.


Assets & Inspections Scheduled, ad-hoc, and emergency audits and inspections enable imPowr agencies to provide documented evidence of inspection, validate in-house and external service charges, and assure a safer and healthier environment for residents.

Staff Training & Workload Management In the unique environment of human services, extra care must be taken to assure, safety, health, and security. imPowr's built in learning management tools, and work load balancing tools, help assure workers are qualified and trained, and work levels are fair and equitable.

Suppliers and Contracts When outsourcing services, imPowr's organization and supplier database, combined with contract management and a unique provider portal (with electronic signature support) combine to streamline the process of working with 3rd parties.